Arvind Trivedi "Ravana of Ramayana"

In real life, they are absorbed in Ram bhakti, emotional on TV's 'Ravana', 'Ramayana'. Ravana was played by Arvind Trivedi in 'Ramayana'. He (Arvind Trivedi) is now 82 years old and unlike the serial, is always absorbed in Ramabhakti. Arvind Trivedi is very happy with the re-airing of 'Ramayana' and also watches 'Ramayana' daily. Sometimes they also get emotional. Many videos of Arvind Trivedi are going viral on social media. First episode date: 25 January 1987 and the Final episode date: 31 July 1988

Ravana played character then and Now

After the return of 'Ramayana' on TV, the faces of the audience are in bloom. The craze for people to watch this serial is still the same as before. Apart from Ram, Sita, and Laxman, the character that caught the attention of the people was Ravana. Ravana's move from the dialogue to the way of speaking and laughing in the show also won the audience a lot. In 'Ramayana' even though Ravana was against Rama, but in real life, he is a devotee.

Ramayana Character

He wanted to play Kevat and not Ravana

He(Arvind Trivedi) was well-liked by the people in the role of Ravana. Very few people would know that he wanted to play Kevat and not Ravana in Ramayana. It was revealed by the actor himself in an interview.

Ramayana Kevat

Sharing an anecdote in the interview, Arvind Trivedi said - I wanted to play Kevat in the serial. So I requested Ramanand Sagar to do this role. He did not agree with this. He asked me to read the script. I read the script. After this, silence fell for a while. When I started giving back the script, Ramanand Sagar stopped and said that he had found his Lankesh. I was surprised to hear this thing from him. This is because I did not read any dialogue at all.

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Arvind Trivedi said- 'When I told Ramanand Sagar that I did not read any dialogue at all. In response, he said- 'He understood my speed and understood that he is capable of becoming his Ravan. He needs a Ravana for the Ramayana which has wisdom and strength on his face.

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