How Internet Changed the Whole World Perspective

Tire and the wheel are considered to be the greatest invention of mankind but the pace with which human societies evolved after such great intentions seems to be incongruous because all the revolution in Science & Information Technology has happened in the last 400 years. When human beings started questioning the natural phenomena and the authorities under which they live. This was mainly due to human beings where entangled in the quagmire of superstitions their respective religion.


Once they were free to form shackles nodding the authority human beings have undergone a dramatic change. Renaissance has found a full experience in the era of the Internet where people can not also find a comprehensive answer to quench the thirst of their curiosity.

How internet transform our viewpoint

The Internet in true sense has completely transformed our society. It is like an ocean of Information. Now everyone is like a research analyst. Before doing or carrying out their daily tasks like buying, selling, studying, teaching, or related stuff. They can get well informed & pick out the best from it.

One of the major benefits of the internet is at which information is transmitted. Many great men like Jesus Christ, The Buddha came in the past & when they spoke hardly 10 to 20 people could listen. But with the help of the internet, we can connect with the entire world which will help in the dissemination of information.

Most effects seen over conservative society

The Internet has almost revolutionized the conservative society. With people getting opposed to various things they are now able to think for themselves which was not the case a few decades ago. I think the biggest change internet has brought is that it is creating aspirational generation.

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The Internet has not only helped in the dissemination of information it has also shrink the world. It has almost bound the entire human beings of this planet & instilled a belief in them that they can also achieve what they have wished for. This is very much similar to the universal brotherhood which India has been talking for a long time.


With people now more informed which will not only strengthen democracy but also lead to Empowered Society. Besides checking corruption it is also enabling the common people to ask a question from the authority leading to the creation of an educated and aware society which is definitely a pleasant sign for humanity. It would not be irrigation to say that the internet is the major force behind all the comforts the present generation of human beings are enjoying.

Internet pros and cons

internet pros & cons

But there are always two sides to the coin which also needs to be discussed. A significant portion of the data on the internet is Pornographic. Millions of children are sold annually on the internet & thrown into this Pornographic business. Besides this, there is a dark web where all kinds of illegal activities are done viz- drug business, child & women trafficking, Indoctrination of youths which is definitely not a promising sign for the future. Have we developed the internet to sell our children & women? There will always be good & evil both always we must try to reduce or lessen the impact of evil forces otherwise this very great invention of humans will prove to be suicidal.

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