They say, Great ideas need great voice overs

I listen clearly what you have said just a few seconds earlier, how can i earn money through Just selling our own voice?. And who the hell gonna buy my voice? Is that a Joke? But trust me I'll clear all your doughts in just a few minutes. Below i have answered all your questions that just raised a few minutes ago in your claver mind. So let's dig the answer!

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Is it true?

Yes, you will earn money from online platform Voice123. Today's 2020 everything is purchasable and sellable. I think every activity deserves a price. Voice123 is the best site where you can Hire the best voice actors in the world, and also sell your voice as well. Yes, you are correct, it's really totally free of cost to get started. Voice123’s platform allows talent to interact directly with the person posting the work, giving the chance to create relationships with clients and build your business. Voice123 features a tremendous support staff also. I can’t say enough goodies about Voice123!

Do you know? Who uses Voice123?

Voice123 is the top choice for professional voice actors and clients everywhere. Since 2003, more than 250,000 projects have been submitted. Here list of few world top brands who uses the services of Voice123-

Top Companies

- CocaCola - Airbnb - The New York Times - 3M - NBC - 21st Century Fox etc.

Do you know, How it works?

When you visit it's the official website, you will find the two free options to find the best voice actor for your projects. First, search and contact and the 2nd one is to post your voice project.

Search And Contact

the first free option “search and contact” Give you the three simple steps to find the best voice for your projects.

  1. Browse and filter: In simple, find the best suited professional voice over talent from around the world according to your projects.
  2. Listen to Samples: After selecting professionals, listen to their samples provided by them. Review voice actors’ profiles and listen to samples of their work. And take your final decision after the review of the given samples.
  3. Contact and hire directly: And in the final steps, you simply contact the professionals directly and negotiate without agents or middlemen. Look How simple is that!

Search and Contact

Post a Project

The second option “post a project” will also provide you the three simple steps to find the best voice for your projects.

You may also explore

  1. Post a Project: The best thing about this is, No charges, no tricks. Ever. They will invite the voice actors that suit your requirements. They will find for you, the best suited professional voice over talent from around the world according to your projects.
  2. Get up to 50 Auditions: They will provide up to 50 auditions and you may request a custom audition if you like. And trust me you will get it within hours at no hidden cost.
  3. Select a proposal and Hire: And of course, we are in the final steps, you simply Select the proposal you like and hire the voice over artist directly. No hassle; no fuss. Look How simple is that!

Post a Project

NOTE: But before you do these steps you have to register with Voice123. Don’t forget that! If you don't want to register its okay ut you may lost what you have saved in the draft.

Membership Facilities

It also provides the facilities of membership in which they provide the Four types of plans Standard, Bronze, Premium recommended, and Premium. What is the basic difference between these plans? You may find below the image which I have found on its official website. The estimates below are supported current averages per month and can't be guaranteed.

Voice123 Membership

Offering additional languages, ages, and voice gender might increase the estimates given above. You can switch or cancel anytime — and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee!

NOTE: The 30-day money-back guarantee is only valid for first-time Bronze and Premium members. Read More here

Whay should you pay Voice123?

Get more clients by boosting your ranking in the search results and getting invited sooner to more and better projects. Know more here.

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