Social Media Addiction is Worldwide Problem

Social media addiction is as dangerous as a compulsion as a cigarette (addiction). The difference is that you blow up your entire career instead of fumes sometimes. Just like cigarette addiction, we deny this addiction too. So in today's article of the Blogbudz, there'll be a social media addiction test. Will you be able to pass? We will see...But get your hall ticket first! Do not do incomplete work like politicians. To subscribe to our newsletter so you get the latest updates.

People Using Social Media

Arguably, the entire world is on lockdown at the moment and now that everyone has gone into isolation due to social distancing, the people are communicating through social networking. Today, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok are not only applications but also our residential addresses. Most probably, you're reading this article from any social media too.

Anyway, moving ahead...

Due to this sudden lockdown, the people have been using the internet at their homes much more than before. Due to which, there's another problem brewing right next to the Corona Virus- Social Media Addiction. There are lakhs of videos on YouTube alone to safeguard from it. Everyone, right from Sandeep Maheshwari to Sadguru, has tips to save oneself from this addiction. But all of them have the same thing to say- Stay away from the internet and observe the world outside

Which is correct, by the way

But when the police greet you with sticks outside, then it becomes a compulsion to go to YouTube and Instagram. In fact, there has been a massive spike in social media usage after the lockdown. On top of that, the liquor shops were closed. So everyone lay intoxicated in the world of memes.

According to another survey, internet browsing has gone up by approximately 72% after lockdown. And there has been a 75% increment in especially the WTF traffic- WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. I mean, really, What the F*#C?! As per the studies of NIMHANS(The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences), An increment of approximately 30% has been found in gaming addiction over the past few weeks. Infact an increment of 87% in internet usage was observed in the first week of lockdown itself. And it is important to remember that social media addiction was a societal phenomenon even before lockdown. But then after that, these graphs came forth- where the traffic of almost all the social media is escalating rapidly.

OMG Raction

This is akin to two more banks declaring Vijay Mallya as defaulter suddenly or that it has recently come to light that 50 more pollutant drains have been opened in River Yamuna in Delhi. That is, situations were already bad enough and now they have gone from bad to worse.

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It is a worldwide problem

Social media addiction is not just India's US UK, the only problem, - it is a worldwide problem. People are being dependent on mobiles. The time spent on the Internet by internet users worldwide has increased by more than 60% over the past seven years. And it is but obvious that it would happen- after all, our brains had never experienced anything so sophisticated. And to be fair to the digital generation, social media is a necessity today rather than a luxury.

It becomes so easy to talk to someone who is 600-6000 kilometers away on a 6-inch screen, Ambani ji helps us see Antilla with a mere 100 rupees internet pack. You can study the reproductive system in one tab... while watching it in another. The dopamine kick experienced with every DM, notification, follow, and like the people enjoy it so much that they want more of the same feeling.

And then, it becomes an addiction

And then, it becomes an addiction! You get a lot of things due to social media presence Validation, exposure, connectivity, information, entertainment. So the social media satisfies you with a lot of emotions through just a device/platform. But...just like everything has pros, everything has cons too.

Become a Mobile addict

Social media has its pros and cons too

Social media has its pros and cons too. There is a very thin line between its use and overuse. What do you think his problem is? According to a study, social media addiction can cause problems like stress, anxiety, sleep quality, hyperactivity disorder, insomnia, emotional exhaustion, frustration, jealousy, body image insecurity etc. That means social media itself can lead to 99% of the diseases in millennials.

And how do millennials cope with this?

By going on social media! Yes, And not only this, social media creates quite unique psychological insecurities too. For example, checking notifications again and again so that we don't feel left out. #FOMO. Or feeling insecure about our appearances due to the perfect, often unnatural beauty standards on Instagram, Body image shaming, or feeling an inferiority complex over our middle-class existence due to the celebrity lifestyles.

Not only this... As per another survey, 1/4th relationships are also getting affected due to social media consumption. Now you could ask... yes, smartphones do cause social media addiction

But how will we get to know?

Corona has symptoms. This should have symptoms too. The simple answer is that there are symptoms, but it is probably more difficult to detect it than Corona because everyone uses it. In fact, on average, a millennial check his phone more than 150 times daily. The problem is so common that it doesn't seem like a problem. And this is why introspection and not inspection can help you find out whether you're a social media addict or not

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Come, let us do a task

There's a list with which you can find out whether you have a social media addiction or not. For example -

Social media addiction symptoms

  1. Do you seek validation right after waking up, even before you ask for tea?
  2. Do you get notifications earlier than bowel movements inside the toilet?
  3. Do you overuse the camera in search of a perfect selfie?
  4. Does your self-respect start with likes and ends with comments?
  5. Do you feel any restlessness upon not getting access to social media?
  6. Do you use social media to run away from personal problems?
  7. Has there been a negative impact on your jobs/studies due to social media usage?
  8. Have you had a fight with your partner/ family member due to social media?

If you're honestly answering yes to these questions, then you've also become a social media addict. You will now have to look for a behavioral pattern in your internet usage and having understood it, you will have to fix it.

And what if you're unable to find patterns?

There is a pattern and you will have to recognize it. And social media addiction is not just the problem of youngsters. Recent studies have shown that adults have also been spending excess time on social media. And it is not just the fault of the users. The social networking apps deliberately design their algorithms in such a way so that they are able to retain you in their apps for longer.

The social media apps toy with your psychology through their algorithms

You keep getting constant dopamine hit by unlimited and infinite news feed and pop up notification which keeps your brains in a groove. This is also called a slot machine effect. Especially in teenagers where likes, comments, followers give them validation. They relate these to their personalities these days. Validation becomes an important necessity that is utilized by these apps hugely.

Now you'd say, its easier said than done

Because outside there's a risk of infection, inside there's a risk of depression. Not using the phone risks isolation and if you use it then you risk addiction! So what to do? There's no answer to this.

We agree that it has become even more difficult to divert attention from social media today. If you want to maintain mental health and peace of mind when you have to make use of social media. Therefore, do what you like. If you want to play Pubg- do it. If you want to cook- do it. If you want to make TikToks- do it. No worries. But try and do everything within a time limit/ restriction. The restriction shouldn't be a problem. We learned least that in the lockdown.

The best part about this crisis

The best part about this crisis is that -

  • We are reconnecting with our families and friends. We're communicating with them again. Improve your bonds with them.
  • Pay attention to your hobbies. Social media is not a hobby!
  • And monitor the time you spend on social media. How many hours are you spending on social media and how many hours can you go without it?
  • Set your digital time limits.
  • Keep your phones at a distance so that you do not reach out and check your notifications and news feed again and again.
  • Disabling the pop-up notifications is a good start towards social media detoxification.

Say no to smartphone

Watching anything in excess, you see, is addiction. The government has to take responsibility for your physical health. But as far as the responsibility of your mental health goes, it can only be borne by you alone. Hence, please be careful. I would not lie, we've made this article on a very personal level. Because we become addicts ourselves working in social media. And when one is running a YouTube, Blogs and Instagram channel and working on Twitter.

Then you get an excuse that this is our job and you become a 24-hour addict. So do not become an addict like me and I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted quite a lot. And I am putting myself in a de-addiction process. Even in this lockdown, I am trying to read more. I am trying to reconnect with people more. So I am striving and so should you. How did you like this Article? If you liked it, then share it with your friends and family, so that they too, do not become bigger addicts in this lockdown. Thanks for watching! More information and Articles coming up!

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