The Latest Trends in Landscape Design and Development


Landscape design is a rapidly evolving field. Whether you’re designing your own property or working with a client to create the perfect outdoor space, technology can help you take your ideas from concept to reality. Here are some of the latest trends in landscape design and development:

Green design

Green design is a trend that’s been in the works for decades, but it’s only recently been gaining popularity. In fact, green landscape design has become a hot topic in both architecture and engineering fields. Landscape architects are now designing landscapes with low-maintenance materials like bamboo instead of concrete or rock; they’re also incorporating environmentally friendly designs into their projects—like using drought tolerant plants for landscaping purposes.

Another trend worth noting about green landscape designs is how aesthetically pleasing they can be! Many homeowners who want to make their homes more appealing have begun incorporating elements such as ivy vines into their gardens or even planting trees around the perimeter of their property (this helps keep them cool during summer months).

High tech landscape technology

High-tech landscape technology is a way to use technology to make your yard more efficient. Landscape designers are using this high-tech method in order to create beautiful and functional spaces that are easy on the eye, too.

Examples of high-tech landscape technology include:

  • Smart irrigation systems, which automatically adjust water flow based on soil moisture levels;
  • Sensor networks and wireless sensors that monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity;

Eco-friendly lumber and building materials

Eco-friendly lumber is one of the newest trends in landscape design and development. Green building materials have become more common on both private and public properties, with eco-friendly lumber being one of the most popular choices.

Eco-friendly building materials are made from recycled materials and can be used to build homes or offices alike. They also help conserve natural resources such as trees, which helps preserve our forests while providing a healthier environment for future generations.

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Building with eco-friendly lumber means the builder will have less waste during construction because they don’t need as much raw material when building with this type of wood compared to other types available today (such as standard pine).

Integrated landscape design

Integrated design is a way of designing your yard to be more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s also an effective way of integrating green space into your home in a way that’s nice to look at. There are many different ways you can integrate landscape design into your home:

  • Planting trees at the front door or on the side of the house will help reduce heat loss from windows during the summer months;
  • Adding plants around pathways can help create visual interest without taking up too much space;
  • The right sprinkler system can make watering easier than ever before—and it’ll save on water bills as well!

Landscape professionals are finding new ways to use technology and sustainability in their work.

One of the most exciting trends in landscape design is the use of high-tech tools and eco-friendly building materials. Landscape professionals are finding new ways to use technology and sustainability in their work, which can help them develop more efficient designs that are also beautiful.

One example of this is Integrated Landscape Design (ID), which blends traditional architecture with natural elements like plants or water features into one cohesive space. This type of design allows for better drainage, drought resistance and even lower maintenance costs due to fewer repairs needed over time as compared to conventional construction methods such as concrete walls with dirt fillings inside them (which tend not only make it difficult for tenants but also create insect infestations).


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, and we hope that you can draw on these trends as you continue to develop your landscape designs. We believe that by embracing the latest technologies and design techniques, you can create beautiful spaces that are both functional and sustainably built. If you’re looking for landscaping ideas, we have more than 25 articles dedicated to all things green!

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