The Irrfan Khan, The Primary Indian Actors of His Time

He was one of the primary Indian actors of his time to create it big in Western cinema. 2020 just took another bullet to the gut with the loss of exemplary Indian actor Irrfan Khan. While maintaining his status as an unprecedented actor predominantly in Hindi cinema, Khan also bagged a few hit works in Hollywood films. His career of 35 years brought him several accolades, including the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor. Film critics, contemporaries, and audiences consider him to be one of the best actors in Indian cinema for his versatile acting. Here, we’ve listed 14 of the most effective movies of Irrfan Khan which will prove he was a master of his craft.

Imrran Khan

Irrfan Khan, who died on April 29, at the age of 53, was one actor of the Hindi cinema scene who refused to be petrified into a statue, and who didn't allow fame to capture his ego and lose touch with the bottom.

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Western audiences may know him from roles in such movies as Slumdog Millionaire (as the police officer), the Life of Pi (the adult Pi), also as Jurassic World, The Amazing Spider-Man, Inferno, et al. A Goodbye to Bollywood’s Irrfan Khan: A Master Actor That wasn't a Showman.

Irfan Khan_2

In an industry hooked into stars, Irrfan Khan makes for a welcome change. Easily one among the foremost gifted actors of today, the 50-year-old has consistently stood out for his unmatched acting talent, his offbeat choices, and his unusual career trajectory. Here’s taking a glance at a number of his best films

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